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Prenatal coaching, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Fort Collins, CO

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Become empowered with this free 8 page guide! Learn to advocate for yourself ! Gain confidence, know when to speak up, learn the multi-step process to  ask questions about your care!

Become Empowered! Through this structured approach to evaluate the benefits, risks, alternatives, intuition, and the option of doing nothing. This guide encourages thoughtful consideration of different aspects before making a decision, which can lead to more informed choices aligned with personal goals and preferences.

Take control - this guide encourages you to explore various options and alternatives, empowering you to effectively participate in your healthcare decisions. Having a structured framework allows  you to consider different possibilities, weigh the pros and cons, and make choices that align with  your values, preferences, and goals. This sense of control over the decision-making process can enhance confidence in the outcome.

Boost your confidence! Learn to evaluate by systematically considering your options! You will gain a more comprehensive understanding of your situation. This process will give you confidence that you have thoroughly assessed the available information and factors relevant to your decision.

Make Informed Decisions! Promotes a thoughtful and systematic approach to decision-making. By considering multiple perspectives, gathering relevant information, and evaluating potential outcomes, you can make more informed decisions. This informed decision-making process can instill confidence by reducing uncertainty and ensuring that decisions are based on a well-rounded assessment of the situation.

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You will also learn the following: 

Build your confidence in the decision making process!

Ask the right questions and get the answers you need!


Never forget what to ask again!

A quick and easy way to guide you in the decision making process. 

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Learn how to make an informed choice and advocate for yourself by following the steps in this guide!

hi there!

My name is Evie Moore, your trusted Birth and Postpartum Coach/Educator/Support Person

My passion is to empower individuals who are tired of being treated like another number,  helping them to create an extraordinary prenatal/birth/postpartum journey. Embracing self-acceptance, cultivating confidence, and fostering self-belief has been pivotal in both my life journey and also my clients that I serve. I am thrilled to share a small bit of that magic dust with you! So, my friend, find clarity in your path, surrender to relaxation, and embrace the exciting adventure as we navigate the realms of self-discovery and new parenthood. Let the journey begin! 

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Learn how to do these things by following these steps in this free guide!

With this guide in hand, prepare for a transformational journey throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond!  Create the birth you want and become empowered!  What are you waiting for? 

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