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What are Birth Affirmations? Why should I use them?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Fort Collins,  CO Doula
Birth Affirmation, Fort Collins, CO Doula

What are birth affirmations? What is so unique about them and what can they do fornyou? Well let me tell you a bit about these unique statements.

Birth affirmations are positive statements designed to inspire your mind or change your way of thinking to help you maintain a positive attitude or mood regarding your pregnancy and birth process. Affirmations are easy to use throughout pregnancy and birth. The sooner you start the better as repetition is the key!

Birth affirmations can help reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and promote relaxation. They are used to help women stay positive and focused during labor and delivery. By repeating positive statements, women can change their mindset and create a more empowering and fulfilling birth experience.

Birth affirmations are a positive coping mechanism used during childbirth to help women stay focused and calm. Some examples of birth affirmations include "my body knows how to birth my baby" or "I trust my instincts and my ability to give birth." These affirmations can be repeated out loud or silently to oneself during labor and delivery.

Pregnancy and birth affirmations

During pregnancy, you can use these affirmations to increase your confidence, by repeating the positive statements they can help you stay calm, focused, and confident during pregnancy and childbirth. Here are a few examples:

  • My body is strong and capable.

  • I trust my body to know how to give birth.

  • I am surrounded by a supportive and loving team.

  • I am calm, relaxed, and at peace.

  • I am excited to meet my baby and start this new journey.

  • My baby is healthy, happy, and loved.

  • I am grateful for this experience and all that it teaches me.

  • I am a good mother and I trust my instincts.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself daily or during labor to help you stay connected to your inner strength and positivity.

You can find birth affirmations with a quick search of the internet, make your own, or you can purchase affirmations that I have personally designed. Eighteen (18) birth affirmations created for you to use on your phone, or print at home to place around your house. To be read everyday throughout pregnancy and during your labor and birth. These affirmations will positively reinforce that you are strong and powerful through birth.


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