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Unleash the Power of Doula Support: Elevate Your Birth Experience and Embrace Empowerment!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Congratulations! You’re having a baby! Now what?

When it comes to bringing a child into the world, there are a multitude of decisions to be made. From navigating through the early months of pregnancy to the last few months prior to delivery. Such decisions are not to be taken lightly….where to birth, which provider, how you desire to birth….all of these decisions can be overwhelming, especially for first time parents. However, one of the most important and beneficial decisions a new family can make is whether or not to have birth doula support.

In a nutshell, a doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to the birthing person before, during, and after childbirth. The decision to hire a doula is an investment in your birth experience, a benefit that will assist you to achieve your birthing goals, whether medicated or unmedicated, or a home or hospital birth.

Now, let’s discover the power of doula support. Some of the benefits to having a doula present at your birth:

  • Reduced birth complications

  • decreased use of medical interventions

  • Shorter labor

  • Reduced use of pain medication

  • Reduced cesarean section births

  • Decreased negative feelings about the birth experience

According to Gruber, "...doula involvement is a cost-effective method to improve outcomes for mothers and infants. Furthermore, this study demonstrates that doulas can have an impact beyond the birth process itself (reducing cesarean births, birth complications, and medical interventions as has been shown in other studies) and the mother’s experience of the birth (resulting in increased satisfaction, mother/baby attachment, and breastfeeding)".(Gruber et al., 2013)

As you can see, evidence has backed up the “whys” of having a doula present, because statistically, a doula supported birth can have positive outcomes for mom and baby.

Birth Doula Fort Collins Colorado

What are some ways a doula may support you during labor and delivery?

  • Helping you to understand your options , so you can make informed decisions

  • Providing continuous physical and emotional support during labor

  • Helping you to cope with pain

  • Light body work during labor

  • Making sure you are well-hydrated and comfortable

  • Supporting your partner

  • Taking photographs or videos of the birth

  • Helping you to bond with your baby after the birth

Furthermore, the average cost of a doula is between $700 and $2000. Depending on your budget, the cost of a doula may seem like a lot of money, however, it is important to remember that a doula is an investment in your birth experience. The benefits of having a doula far outweigh the cost.

Comment below on your thoughts on having a doula present at your birth experience.



Gruber, K. J., Cupito, S. H., & Dobson, C. F. (2013). Impact of Doulas on Healthy Birth Outcomes. The Journal of Perinatal Education, 22(1), 49–58.

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