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Meet Evie! Who am I? What do I do as a doula? A Birth Doula In Fort Collins, CO

First of all, I am a mother of nine children, all biological children who I have birthed. Five were born in the hospital and four were born at home, one of which was my one and only waterbirth. As a mother, I feel drawn to assist a birthing person in discovering that they have choices and options when it comes to birthing. Whether it be in a hospital or at home, or with an OB GYN or Midwife, your birth is unique unto yourself.

Secondly, I am a registered nurse. I have experience working with a diverse population from birth to adult. I have attended these individuals in the capacity of caregiver, support person, healer, and teacher. My experience has helped shape the delivery of my care. To be ever present, to listen and to respect my clients differences, as we are all unique individuals.

Finally, I am a birth doula living in Fort Collins, CO. I feel these three identities are my main purpose in life but my passion is to serve others through pregnancy and birth. I provide physical, emotional, and informational support throughout the nine months of pregnancy to ninety days postpartum. I attend to you with nurturing supportive care, allowing you to feel safe, trusted, and confident.

Through the power of knowledge and education, I teach you about pregnancy and birth, preparing for birth through practice exercises, coping techniques, mindset, and relaxation. This guidance allows you to be able to tune into your inner self and find your “flow” , “vibe”, or intuition. When knowledge and information is gained you become empowered and come into your confidence.

So what does this look like:? My support can be single or multiplied in layers. Perhaps you are just needing birth support only, or just postpartum help when the baby arrives. Maybe you want a combination of pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. Any one or more supportive services can be tailored to your needs. At any given time, we can reevaluate your needs and come up with a new customized plan.

Prenatal support: Our visits may consist of what to expect in pregnancy, symptoms, nutrition, exercise, childbirth education (Basic or Dive Deeper), birth planning, labor and birth education, practice, and positions, breastfeeding/newborn feeding, and newborn expectations and education.

Birth support: When I am called to assist you in labor, I will provide comfort measures during birth, informational support, emotional support, and birth partner support. This is continuous support until 1 to 2 hours post birth.

Postpartum support: Our visits may consist of answering questions and concerns. Assist with lactation support or feeding method of your choice, in home support (day time only), newborn care education, etc.

Virtual support: Support via texting, email, zoom calls throughout your pregnancy and birth.

If you've had doula support before, share your experience below.

Birth Doula in Fort Collins, CO
Birth Doula in Fort Collins, CO


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