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From Struggles to Empowerment: My Journey to Transforming Childbirth

As a mother of nine children, I've journeyed through childbirth in various settings, with experiences that span from hospital births to the profound empowerment of home births. My story is a testament to the transformative power of choice, knowledge, and the determination to create a better birth experience.

This is my own story, this is my “why”:

A Brave Beginning

Picture this: a 22-year-old single mother, far from family support, facing the uncertainties of impending motherhood. With a pregnancy that progressed smoothly, I entered the hospital for my first birth, hoping for the best. Little did I know, this would be a pivotal moment that set the stage for my passion today.

Labor began slowly, contractions building their rhythm as I roamed the hospital halls. Hours turned into a day, and progress remained frustratingly slow. Tensions ran high as I battled my contractions, struggling to find comfort in between. Morphine briefly eased the struggle, allowing my body respite. Hours stretched, until dawn revealed full dilation - a triumph after a night of tension and release. Despite my efforts, the journey to 10 cm dilation was grueling, only to face more challenges ahead.

I was moved to a delivery room, and the morning light witnessed my resolve to push my baby out. A cocktail of emotions surged within me. The birth of my first child was not without hurdles; the earlier medication had cast its shadow, demanding extra care for my newborn. The struggle was real, but a spark was ignited - a drive to seek a path that embraced a different, more holistic approach to childbirth.

Navigating the Maze

My second birth unfolded amidst medical intervention. Swift contractions began after a non consensual membrane sweep, and a leak of fluid led me to the hospital a couple days later. In a confined room no larger than a closet, slow progress marked the hours. Seeking relief, I embraced Stadol, allowing my body to find solace. I was moved to the delivery room, where a clash of wills ensued - lying flat on my back clashed with my instincts. I wanted to listen to my body and birth in an upright position but my doctor wouldn’t let me get up. I was told “this is how it’s done”. I was sewed up for a perineal tear, without pain relief or anesthesia. Despite intervention, I realized the importance of advocacy in childbirth. This experience fortified my commitment to empowering others through their own unique birthing journeys.

Seeking a Change

The chapters of my childbirth journey unfolded with a mix of medical interventions and a growing realization that a different path was essential. Babies three and four arrived through induced births, driven by doctors' concerns about their size. Each entry into the world was accompanied by the embrace of epidurals, a response to the challenging pain induced by pitocin.

As my journey continued, the aftermath of these four births painted a clear picture: something needed to shift. I embarked on a quest to explore options, to delve into the world of interventions and their implications. With a thirst for knowledge, I dove deeper into the landscape of birthing practices, educating myself about the variety of choices available.

The Turning Point

The birth of my fifth child became the turning point, a beacon of hope that illuminated the path forward. Choosing a midwife to attend my homebirth, I embarked on a journey that redefined my understanding of childbirth. The serenity of my surroundings, the freedom to follow my body's rhythm, and the presence of compassionate support created a tapestry of calm amidst the storm of labor.

In the midst of a mere four-hour labor, my body delivered my biggest baby yet - a 10-pound, 15-ounce testament to the strength that resided within me. This experience wasn't just a birth; it was an awakening. It shattered preconceived notions, dispelling the belief that childbirth was inherently a painful, medicalized ordeal.

Birth Redefined

As I cradled my newborn in my arms, a fire ignited within me. This was a fire of transformation, a spark of inspiration that would drive my mission to prevent others from enduring the path I had walked. I had discovered a new perspective. The storm of past challenges had given way to a serene realization: childbirth can be an intimate dance of trust, a symphony where the body leads, and the heart follows. The profound calm and empowerment I had experienced during my home birth was a treasure I was determined to share, to guide other parents toward a different narrative of childbirth.

The Tapestry of Subsequent Births

The journey of my subsequent births unfolded as a tapestry of diverse experiences, each adding a unique hue to the canvas of my childbirth story. Baby number six graced the world in the comfort of home, amid an eight-hour labor. Supported by the presence of a doula, I embraced upright positions to leverage gravity's assistance in navigating contractions. Water therapy and a birth ball played their parts, culminating in the birth of an eight-pound bundle of joy.

The arrival of baby number seven was swift and intense, a two-hour labor that unfolded within the sanctuary of water at home. With the doula by my side and siblings present, the midwife nearly missed the grand entrance. A calm water birth welcomed my baby, though sticky shoulders required gentle assistance. A ten-pound, two-ounce miracle emerged, greeting the world in serene waters.

Baby number eight's arrival was marked by determination, another home birth guided by the steadfast presence of a doula and midwife. Almost a water birth, my position shifted as I birthed on all fours, my midwife skillfully maneuvering to ease the journey of my baby. A nine-pound, eight-ounce baby entered the world, a testament to the strength cultivated through each unique birth.

The journey of baby number nine bore its own unique characteristics, marked by informed choices in a hospital setting. Despite interventions arising from positioning challenges, I navigated this birth with confidence, empowered to make decisions aligned with my desires and needs. A beautiful eight pounder entered into the world, on my terms.

Igniting a Mission

As the chapters of my story unfolded, each birth etched its mark, weaving together a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and informed choice. The lessons learned, the variations embraced, and the strength garnered from each experience laid the foundation for my mission to guide others on their paths to parenthood.

The journey of my past births converged into a singular purpose: to guide other parents through the labyrinth of childbirth fear and anxiety. My own evolution from uncertainty to empowerment fueled a burning passion to assist others in reclaiming their birthing experience. The birth of my fifth child became a turning point not just for me, but for the trajectory of my journey. It propelled me onto a path where advocating for informed choices, supporting individual agency, and nurturing the innate power of childbirth would become the cornerstones of my life's work. This part was the crucible where passion was forged, a passion to help others pave the way to their own empowering birth experiences.

Your Journey Awaits

My story is now a bridge between the fear of the unknown and the exhilarating empowerment that comes from informed choices. As you stand at the precipice of your own childbirth journey, remember that you're not alone. Through knowledge, compassion, and personal experience, I'm here to guide you towards a birth story that you will cherish forever.

This is more than just a story; it's a testament to resilience, transformation, and the unyielding power of a mother's love. Join me in rewriting the narrative of childbirth - one empowered birth at a time.

Embrace Your Empowered Birth Journey

As you've walked alongside me through the chapters of my transformative journey, you've witnessed the evolution from struggle to empowerment in the realm of childbirth. Every birth, every experience, every moment has led me to this very point – a point where I'm here to guide you on your own path to an empowered birth story.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of informed choices, compassionate support, and unwavering empowerment? Whether you're an expectant parent seeking guidance, a first-time pregnant individual navigating the unknown, or someone looking to rewrite their birth story, I'm here for you.

Prenatal Coach, Birth  & Postpartum Doula, Fort Collins, CO
Prenatal Coach, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Fort Collins, CO


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