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Discover Your Path as a Doula!

Welcome beautiful people! If you're interested in becoming a doula, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover your path as a doula! I am passionate about mentoring new doulas and helping individuals on their journey to training and certification. While certification is not mandatory to practice as a doula, it carries significant value and enhances the professionalism of your doula practice.

Why certify?

Certification demonstrates your dedication to your clients and showcases your commitment to learning and providing the best possible support. Many potential clients inquire about certification, and I believe that investing in obtaining and maintaining certifications is an investment in the growth of your doula business.

Currently, I hold certifications as a birth and postpartum Doula with and have taken their Professional Development Course. I was previously certified with DONA early in my career, and I have also participated in a CAPPA birth doula workshop many years ago. My experience in lactation support comes from being a former La Leche League Leader. Additionally, I am currently pursuing certifications as a breastfeeding educator and childbirth educator through Madriella.


During my studies with Madriella, I have been impressed with the comprehensive courses and the quality of the subject content provided by this organization. Additionally, they offer an affordable online course that covers a wide range of certifications. Furthermore, Madriella regularly updates their courses and introduces new subjects to ensure the material remains current and up-to-date. I often recommend the Madriella Professional Membership Course to aspiring doulas and other childbirth professionals due to the thoroughness of the education provided.

Upon completion of my certifications with this organization, I have since become an affiliate with Madriella. By using my affiliate code, 9MONTHS, you will receive a $50 discount on the fee when enrolling at Please note that this code is only applicable for professional membership.

In addition, if you are an active-duty military personnel or a dependent, you are eligible for a 50% discount on the birth and postpartum doula program (level 1) or the professional doula program (level 2). To receive this discount, simply visit the military family tuition waiver page and complete the online form. Madriella will reach out to you to verify your military membership and provide you with the discount code. I truly appreciate Madriella's commitment to making doula training affordable and accessible to everyone, especially our military service members.

If you have any questions or need assistance on your journey to becoming a doula, please feel free to schedule a free clarity call with me. I am here to provide information and support.

Prenatal Coach , Birth & Postpartum Doula, Fort Collins, CO
Prenatal Coach , Birth & Postpartum Doula, Fort Collins, CO


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